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Everyone is interested in CryptoCurrency

But not everyone knows how or what to invest in.

With Nova Tech LTD we have an automated trading platform that allows you to get into the Crypto world backed by leaders in the industry.

If you think that you missed out on CryptoCurrency, YOU’RE WRONG!!

The Big Gains of CryptoCurrency are on the horizon and they are coming.

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Have you ever dreamed of being an entrepreneur going to work for yourself
– no boss, no commutes, no underpaying wages?

NovaTech is an automated trading platform that allows anyone to get into cryptocurrency safely because it’s backed by leaders in the financial investment industry. The gains being made by those in the know can be replicated, just like with stocks and mutual funds. That being said, when the masses get into the market, amazing things start to happen.

The inherent increase in value of a fiat currency as an increase in demand raises its value creates a compound increase in value. This is where the big gains occur. Only those who bought while the price was low will benefit as the value rises, just like any other form of trading. Only those who bought early will reap the rewards. 

The Latest MetaTrader 5 Trading Platform 

We provide a multi-functional and modern trading experience across a number of mobile and desktop applications. You can choose to enroll in one of our PAMM or MT5 accounts and start trading on the Foreign Exchange Market today! 

Training and Support

NovaTech Ltd is committed to your success, providing team support and training to help you reach your goals.

World Class Products and Services

Our platform and services are always evolving, bringing you the latest and best options and solutions on the market. 

Eliminate Debt

This system can help you eliminate your debts and secure the time freedom that seems so elusive to many people. Just imagine the possibilities! If you use this to supplement your regular job income, you could look towards early retirement!

Pay Off Your Mortgage

This online business will provide funds to pay off your house mortgage, supplement your retirement, help pay for your grandchildren’s college fund, travel expenses, and let you support your favorite charities.

You may even be able to quit your full-time job to focus on your own digital business.
That’s 100% hands-free income!
You could pay off other debts and achieve that elusive financial freedom.

So, like with any other form of trading, it makes sense to address your concerns by consulting with a professional.

Here at NovaTech, we’ve established a platform for guided purchasing and trading on the Forex, comparable to an investment fund manager. While it’s not regulated at the same level, the concept is the same.

Those of us who understand the forces that govern the markets are in a position to create opportunities for new and existing investors that simply didn’t exist before! If you think you missed out, that’s a common misconception.

So, while you’re not alone, the trends are independent of the movements of the masses. Whether you’ve been doing this for years or you’ve never tried it before, we can help!

The internet has an abundant amount of opportunities
to create a profitable, passive income!


Whatever your interest in Crypto or Forex, NovaTech has a product that will help you achieve your financial dreams.

The PAMM account is a unique product that allows investors to earn without having to trade. You can invest your funds in NovaTech’s master accounts to be traded by our experienced team of traders. We receive a percentage of the profits we earn from trading with your funds as a reward. No experience needed.

Full-fledged financial market trading can be enjoyed by installing the mobile version of MetaTrader 5 for Android or iOS on your smartphone or tablet. The mobile applications support all trading functions and allow you to monitor account status, view your trading history and more.

Our platform represents the all-in-one concept and offers impressive analytical tools, including graphics objects and detailed analysis of quote dynamics. We feature more than 100 stocks, currencies and futures along with more than 80 technical indicators and analytical tools.

Earn commissions through affiliate marketing and forming successful partnerships. By sharing our platform with others you can earn profits as you build teams and collect a percentage of all fees!

Trade as soon as you open and fund your account with ZERO deposit fees.

Chat with us online or email us for quick replies to your inquiries.


It was Designed to be as Easy as it can be!

✔️ RANK ACHIEVEMENTS – Get rewarded in cash and prize bonuses worth up to $100,000 in value as your team grows.

✔️ INDIRECT REFERRAL BONUS – Earn indirect referral bonuses when your direct downlines sponsor new members. Receive additional level-up bonuses when they upgrade!

✔️ FAST TRACK BONUS – Qualify for $100 or $500 Fast Track Bonus for jump-starting your business in the first 45 days of enrollment!

✔️ CHECK MATCHING – Earn a matching bonus every time your direct downlines earn a trading bonus. As their income grows, so does yours!

✔️ RESIDUAL BONUS – Earn monthly residual bonuses from services fees paid by your direct downlines.

✔️ RANK ACHIEVEMENTS – Get rewarded in cash and prize bonuses worth up to $100,000 in value as your team grows.

✔️ PROFIT SHARING – Higher ranks enjoy the privilege of sharing NovaTech Ltd’s net profits every quarter by participating in our profit sharing pool

Still Not Convinced?

You may have never had experience with anything like Crypto before, but that’s okay. Most people who join have never done it either, and they’re currently reaping financial benefits they never before thought possible!

Thousands of people worldwide have already become self-made success stories as first-time entrepreneurs! This automated opportunity does much of the work itself, allowing you to address more important things in your life.

You can dictate the hours you work, making as little or as much money as you want.

NovaTech has directly impacted
hundreds of thousands of people worldwide!


Fortune favors the bold!
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Work for yourself and obtain the financial freedom you want for early retirement,
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